We are delighted to announce that following the transition to self-management by the Institute of Research and Community Services of Universitas Terbuka Indonesia, the International Journal on Research in STEM Education (IJRSE) has successfully expanded its coverage to more countries and continents. This marks a significant milestone after we collaborated with the Research Synergy Foundation. Our commitment to serving experts, practitioners, academics, and passionate readers in STEM education continues to grow.

We greatly appreciate the contributions, interest, and trust that the community has placed in IJRSE. Please enjoy our latest May 2024 issue, and we look forward to receiving your best articles for the upcoming November 2024 issue.

Together, let’s continue to advance impactful research and contribute to the development of knowledge and best practices in STEM education. Join us in enriching our repository with high-quality research.

Yours, Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Udan Kusmawan, M.A., Ph.D.